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Bella Casa Constructions is a Queensland based luxury home builder, offering custom designed homes made side by side with you, the owner. One particular area we offer our services is the Sunshine Coast, just one hour north of Brisbane’s CBD. From the design right through to the finished project, Bella Casa Constructions will create the home of your dreams in the beautiful seaside region of the Sunshine Coast.


If you are looking for a sea change, the Sunshine Coast is the place for you. Known for its famous beaches, great educational facilities and world class attractions, the Sunshine Coast is home to residents of all kinds, from families and couples to retirees and young professionals. Whether you want a large home for a growing family or a small lot for you and your partner, in the Sunshine Coast, there is room to move.


If you are looking for luxury home builders in the Sunshine Coast, look no further than Bella Casa Constructions.

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The Sunshine Coast is a great place to grow. While it is gaining in popularity, it is not as built up as the CBD, which means you have more room to create the home of your dreams. Some of the houses Bella Casa Constructions can help you with include large family homes, sprawling country mansions and intimate beach houses.


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